Kilkari trains children in primarily three areas: Arts, Science and Sports. The primary objective of these trainings is - subject knowledge in the child, new perspective, and impressive expression. For this, Kilkari organizes full-time and part-time trainings.

In Bal Bhawan Kilkari, seven types of full-time trainings are given to children regularly. These trainings take place for two hours each in three sessions daily. According to their desire, children can get training in their favourite genre. The training is given by competent and experienced trainers in the related fields. Training is given in the following subjects.

a) Classical Dance – Kilkari's dance class is called 'Ta-ta-thaiya', here different groups of children are given primary training in classical dance (Bharatnatyam, Kathak). Children enjoy immensely the dances without tension along with the training.

b) Classical Singing – Here, children get trained in the tunes of Sargam, Aalap, Laya, and Taal. In different programmes children present their songs too. Kilkari also tries to help the children to get a Degree in Music. The trainer together with the children composes new tunes.

c) Painting – This is the colourful world of the children. Here, the children express their creativity through crayon, water color, oil color and pencil drawing. The children get opportunities for self expression. Here, their hidden creative talent is recognized. On occasions workshops are organized with the help of renowned artists who train the children.

d) Drama – Children are trained here in the art of drama. Children are trained in gesture, posture, body language, imagination, theatre game, scene visualization and dialogue delivery and acting. The children of Kilkari's drama group have performed dramas on various national levels.

e) Creative Writing – In the creative writing group children write self composed poems, stories, jokes and plays. They review their writings together and they give suggestions to each other for achieving excellence at times. Bal Kavi Sammelans are organized by children. In different programmes, the children themselves do anchoring as well.

f) Computer Training – Kilkari offers computer literacy and practice to children according to their requirements. Children are given primary knowledge of computer and they are made aware of its utility and are given opportunities to understand and learn computer operation. Kilkari is in touch with NIOS for giving certificates to children after training.

g) Science Centre – In order to make science enjoyable Kilkari, with the co-operation of Agastya International Foundation runs a Mobile Science Lab and Science Centre in Patna on the concept of 'hands-on-activity'. Its objective is to make Science interesting. Every day, one school is invited by Science Centre and a Science subject is explained with the help of practical.

h) Mobile Science Lab– Mobile Science Lab visits one school every day and helps the children in their experimental activities. About 200 experimental activities benefit the children in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy.

Kilkari trains children in primarily three areas: Arts, Science and Sports. The primary objective of these trainings is - subject knowledge in the child, new perspective, and impressive expression. For this, Kilkari organizes full-time and part-time trainings.

Apart from Full-Time Trainings, Kilkari gives following Part-Time Trainings to children on specific days and time.

a) Clay Modelling – In this gallery, children work with clay. This gives them joy as well as it coordinates brain, heart and hands which contributes to the child’s mental and physical development. With lumps of clay, children make animals, human forms, toys etc. Different artifacts made by the children are given as presents to the guests.

b) Handicraft – Children learn to make new forms with waste material according to their imagination and capabilities. These creations, which are made with full liberties by children, are unique. The children learn to create different things with Jute, Papier-mâché, Terracotta, Plaster of Paris etc.

c) Folk Dance – Children are given training in folk dances based upon Bihar’s Culture and History. They are trained in Jhumar, Kajri, Jhijhia, Jharni etc. Along with it they are also trained in the different styles of Indian dances from various states.

d) Tabla – Kilkari gives training to children in Tabla too. They play tabla in vocal performances. Now, girls also want to be trained in tabla. Along with boys, girls too are getting training in tabla with great devotion.

e) Guitar – Keeping in view the children’s interest, Kilkari is giving training in guitar playing. In this elementary knowledge in Hawaiian and Spanish guitar playing is given.

f) Photography – Photography is a beautiful fusion of Science and Art. Children try to understand the science of light and camera design while learning photography. On the other hand, they also develop their creative insight. The children are encouraged to organize photo exhibitions and visit historical places.

g) Badminton – Kilkari trains children in Badminton. Depending upon their interest and ability, they are given opportunities to participate in district, state and national level competitions.

h) Ball Badminton – In 2011, Kilkari started giving training to children in a popular South Indian game Ball Badminton in order to give training to children in a new area. This game has become very popular among the children in a very short-time.

i) Chess – For the mental development of the children, they are given training in chess. In this, prescribed national standards are also used. Some children, who are getting training in Kilkari, have also achieved international ranking in chess.

j) Karate – To promote self defense techniques among girls and physical development of children Karate training has been started by Kilkari. In addition to Kata & Kumite, Shitu-Rio, Basai-Dai, and Saichin Kata are practiced.

k) Taekwondo – Taekwondo training was started keeping in view the career of the children. The children have been awarded ‘Rajya Khel Samman’ in 2013 and 2014 continuously by Art, Culture and Youth Department, Govt. of Bihar.

l) Gymnastics – Children are given elementary training in gymnastic for their physical and mental development. This attracts the children as it contributes to the elasticity of the body. The children are trained in T-20, Somersault, Back Lift, Hand Stand, 10 feet Somersault, Cat-bill through theory and practice.