Crown of Kilkari - To ensure child participation in the activities of Kilkari many child committees have been formed:

Every month a child is crowned with ‘Crown of Kilkari’ to promote ethical values in children. The winner of ‘Crown of Kilkari’ is selected by Crown of Kilkari selection committee. Selection of this special crown is done keeping in view the following.
* Creative
* Cooperative
* Regular
* Responsible
* Active

Bal Panchayat - ‘Bal Panchayat’ is a committee of five children. The five children are Panchs. They look after these problems of children which are not solved easily. The problems are brought before them, the concerned children put forward their problems and then the Panchs come to a decision which is accepted by all.

The child committee keeps in view the rules of the Kilkari campus. The cleanliness of the building, Canteen, the behavior of the children (Dress, I-Card, Mobile use), the work of the guards and the trees and plants are also looked after. The members of the committee are changed after sometime as the need may be.

Building Maintenance - This committee of children has been constituted to take care of the building. The committee is divided into various groups which look after the different parts of the building. The children look after the problems of electricity, water, repairs needed in parts of the building. They report these to the office so that they can be solved soon.
'Gullak' Operation - This committee has three nominated members – one manager and two deputy managers. This committee looks after the efficient running of the bank, the maintenance of its building the accounts and special attention is paid to the comforts of the customers. For this every month the committee meets to evaluate the quality of banks functioning.
Library Operation - This committee also meets every month like other committees. It takes care of the library books, contributes to the efficient functioning of the library, selection of books and purchase of books.
Managing Committee - This Principal Secretary of the Education Department is the Chairman of the Kilkari Management Committee. Two children members are nominated to this committee. These two members contribute to the making of the future strategy of Kilkari.
Above 16 years children - Kilkari allows children upto the age of sixteen only to participate in its activities. These children who cross this age limit are felicitated together in a group. Those children who request to participate in the activities of Kilkari are allowed to continue and help in the Kilkari training programs in government schools and slums.
Newspaper Publication - Every month ‘Bal Kilkari’ newspaper is published by the children Editorial Board. In this committee there are 10 to 12 members who organize a 2-3 days workshop every month. They invite students to do creative writing here. Their writings are presented before the Editorial Board. Critical responses are received and good writings are accepted and published in ‘Bal Kilkari’ newspaper.