Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had dreamed of a place where every child of our society forgetting Caste, Colour difference, poverty or wealth could together participate in various activities so that he could recognize his abilities and develop his talent. Transmuting this dream into reality the then Principal Secretary, Education Department, Govt. of Bihar established the Kilkari Bihar Bal Bhawan. It has been registered on 30th May, 2008 under the Society Registration Act 21, 1860. Mrs. Jyoti Parihar took the charge as The Director of Kilkari in July, 2008. With this the journey of Kilkari began.
Kilkari tries to cultivate the creativity of children. Kilkari offers healthy, tension free and joyful environment for children of 8 to 16 years. Here, children get training and many opportunities to perform according to their interests, for their creative development. Bal Bhawan offers those opportunities to children, which they are deprived of in their homes or schools.
To make available opportunities and environment for children's creative development.
  • Children's voice must be heard.
  • They should get opportunities to recognize their capabilities.
  • The development of Creative and Scientific perspective.
  • The development of Self-confidence and Leadership abilities.
  • The inculcation of practical knowledge.

The building of Kilkari is unique. Some portions are high whereas some portions are low. Some places can be reached by stairs, others by sliding down. There are open playgrounds, and there are umbrella roofs for storytelling and listening. The environment decorated with different trees becomes alive with the changing beauty of sunlight coming filtered through the bricks mesh. All these places are within the reach of children. Bal Bhawan has been built on BaLA design. BaLA means Building as Learning Aid. With the help of BaLA, the building has been built in a manner that the children learn reading and writing expressing their views, exploring something new and developing creativity through play method in a natural way.

Tyre playground has been built in Kilkari. It is being used by children not only for entertainment but also to keep their body and mind healthy. Every child is free to swing in different ways on the different types of swings made from old tyres.